Say-Now 3.8

Say-Now helps you operate and control your computer through voice commands
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My first feeling about this software called “Say-Now” was to doubt its usefulness. After all, why do I need another speech recognition application when Microsoft has finally embedded a competent speech recognition engine into Windows 7? But soon after I began testing this software, I realized there was something different about it. In fact, Say-Now is not intended to compete with Windows speech recognition technologies and it is even based on them. Actually, this program complements them through perfect integration.

Although you can use this software to dictate to your computer, its real strength is that it helps you operate and control your computer through voice commands. In this respect, this application includes a comprehensive set of voice commands. And if you think these preset commands do not satisfy your necessities, you can still create your own, but only if you pay for the corresponding upgrade.

Say-Now also uses Microsoft text-to-speech features to let you have text read. This will not surprise anyone as no new characteristics are added to the ones coming with your operating system and it even uses the same Microsoft voice.

The trial version of this software is completely functional; it just lacks the upgrade that allows creating new voice commands.

Pedro Castro
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  • The trial version is fully functional
  • It expands Windows speech recognition features


  • It is not easy to configure
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